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To Schedule a Drum Lesson That Has Been Prepaid:

Follow these steps to schedule your lesson:

1) In-Studio or Online Lesson? Decide whether you're taking your lesson live at my High Bridge, NJ Drum Studio or Online over Skype.

2) What To Concentrate On?: Decide what you’d like to concentrate on in your lesson. For example, music theory, hand or foot technique, 4-way coordination, grooves, etc. If you’re not sure, skip this and we'll discuss it at your lesson.

3) Select Your Lesson Date: Choose a couple of dates and times that would be best for you to take your lesson.

4) Contact Me: Click Support Desk to create a ticket. Write Drum Lesson in the subject line and include the info from the above 3 steps in the body text. I will let you know which of your dates and times works for me.

That’s it! Now just watch your inbox for my response and get ready to rock!

Other Questions or Problems:

Create a support ticket and we will get back to you ASAP.

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